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About My Portfolio

Citywire's My Portfolio helps you keep track of the shares and funds you own or might like to own.
Because Citywire has a great news team, My Portfolio also gives you all the news we write about your investments.
We have made it really easy to use.
You can get a simple view which shows you all the investments and how much they are worth now.
Or you can create a more detailed view by putting in how much you paid so you can see how much profit you have made.
You will get a factsheet on every share and fund you own.
If you tick the Watch My Portfolio box we will alert you to any new stories on your holdings.
You can create six different portfolios in all and give them different names.
The share prices are delayed by 15 minutes while the fund prices are updated daily (part from a small minority which are priced less frequently, usually once a week.
You need to be registered on the Citywire website to use My Portfolio. It is just one page and takes no more than a few seconds. If you are already registered you will need to re-enter your Username and Password, but you only have to do it once.

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