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The Lolly Investor Programme: a video guide to investing

If you’re new to investing look no further. The weekly Lolly Investor Programme presented by Gavin Lumsden, Citywire’s editor in chief, is designed to teach you the basics and get you investing. Sign up for The Lolly email so you don’t miss any.

The Lolly Investor Programme: a video guide to investing

1. Welcome to The Lolly Investor Programme

In his first video in the series, Gavin Lumsden explains how saving into the stock market isn't just for City slickers.

2. Facing financial risk

Gavin shows why inflation, increasing life expectancy and shrinking state pensions mean you need to take some risk to grow your wealth.

3. The 5 principles of investment

Gavin identifies five simple rules that can help you make the most of the stock market to grow your wealth. 

4. Income is the key to investment, including property

Starting with a look at commercial property, Gavin explains how the main types of investment are priced on the income they produce.

5. Understanding shares and dividends

Gavin continues his income theme with an explanation of what shares are and how dividends work.

6. What are bonds and how do they work?

Gavin Lumsden concludes his introduction to investment income with a look at fixed interest stocks or bonds. 

7. What are investment funds and how do they work?

Gavin heads to the Olympic Park to explain how investment funds can help take the hassle out of investing.

8. What is a unit trust and how does it help me invest?

Gavin takes a trip to Hyde Park to explain how unit trusts work.

9. Investment trusts: a 'hidden jewel' no more!

Gavin Lumsden turns to Beefeaters and the Tower of London to help explain what investment trusts are and how they work.

10. What are exchange traded funds (ETFs)?

ETFs have revolutionised investing in recent years, but make sure you know what you're getting into, Gavin warns.


11. What is a stocks and shares ISA?

Gavin grabs a bag of fish and chips to explain what a stocks and shares ISA is and how it works.


12. How pensions work (and why they're like kebabs)

Gavin Lumsden continues his tour of fast food eateries to explain how wrapping your money in a pension is a good idea.

13. What are with-profits endowment policies?

Gavin Lumsden casts his eye on with-profits endowment policies and explains how they work.

14. Why investors should avoid 'structured products'

Banks love to flog 'structured' savings products such as guaranteed bonds, but that doesn't mean they are any good, Gavin warns.

15. Why investment bonds can be a bit crêpe

Investment bonds are widely sold to the public, but are generally not as good as ISAs or pensions for the beginner investor.

16. How the stock market should work

A report by economist John Kay has shown how the UK stock market should be changed to work in everybody's interests.

17. What kind of investor are you?

Bulls and bears, active and passive, growth and value are terms commonly applied to investors. But what do they actually mean?

18. What you need to know about risk and return

Here Gavin explains why it's important to be comfortable with the level of risk in your investments, and how you can reduce risk by diversifying your holdings.

19. Two freaky facts about quantitative easing

Quantitative easing, or 'QE', is a hot topic at the moment, but do you understand how it works and what it's meant to do?

20. What is 'OMT' and how does it save the euro?

An explanation of the European Central Bank's latest plan to solve the eurozone crisis with 'outright monetary transactions', or OMT.

21. How quantitative easing (QE) hurts income investors – and what you can do about it

Pensioners and others depending on investment income are the big losers in the central bankers' war agains inflation. Here's how you can protect yourself.

22. Why equity income investing is a good way to grow your money

Investing in stable, well-run businesses that pay healthy dividends can be a good way to turn your savings into income.

23. The truth about the pension fund charges 'scandal'

Labour leader Ed Miliband has stirred up the debate over investment charges calling them a 'rip off'. Are they?

24. Why the 'retail distribution review' is good for you

Retail distribution review is an ugly name, but the important financial reforms it will bring are truly great news for savers and investors.

25. A beginner's guide to ethical investment

If you want your money to do more than get a good return, 'ethical' or 'socially responsible' investing might be for you.

26. What does a fund manager actually do?

Gavin takes a trip to Arsenal FC to explain the job of fund managers looking after the savings in our ISAs and pensions. 

27. Junior ISAs: a 10-point guide to saving for children

Junior individual savings accounts (ISAs) are a great option if you want to put something aside for your kids – our guide explains the basics.

28. Should you sell your Standard Life shares?

Gavin takes another look at the shares following the third-quarter results.

29. How football can help you think about investing

Following his video at Arsenal's Emirates stadium, Gavin Lumsden visits Chelsea FC to talk about asset allocation! 

30. What QPR tells you about price and return & bond bubbles

Gavin Lumsden visits Premier League stragglers Queen's Park Rangers to talk about his 4-3-3 approach to investing.

31. How to strike the right balance when investing

Sticking with the football theme, Gavin explains why investing's all about achieving the right balance between attack and defence.

32. How to pick a good fund for your ISA and pension

There are thousands of funds out there. Here are some tips on how to find the best ones.

33. What investors can look forward to in 2013

In the last Lolly Investor Programme of 2012 Gavin explains why he's positive about the prospects for 2013.

34. The beginners' guide to investing in gold

Gold has been an amazing investment this century, beating returns from shares, bonds and property. Gavin takes a look at what's behind its spectacular performance.

35. Survival guide to investing in bonds

Bonds play a big part in many investors' ISAs and pensions. However, experts fear fixed interest stocks are treading on thin ice.

36. Why inflation is important

Investors need to keep an eye on inflation because it affects different types of investments in in different ways.

37. Currency wars

The UK, US and Japan are trying to drive down the value of their currencies. What's going on?

38. Beginner's guide to China: how much should I invest?

We know China has undergone an astonishing transformation. How should we reflect its economic success in our investments?


39. Beginner's Guide to Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are back in vogue as ISA and Sipp investors look for money-making opportunities in a low growth world.

Videos coming soon:

Passive or active?

We explain the significance of the passive versus active debate and what it means for investors.

Can I invest without losing money?

Although there are no investment guarantees, you can find funds and managers that take capital preservation seriously.

How shares work

How to analyse companies and how to buy shares.

Bonds, bonds, bonds

More on bonds – how they are not to be confused with investment bonds.

What bond markets tell you about the world

Maths geeks love bonds, but that’s not a reason for ignoring them!

10 things you need to know about commercial property

Our list of 10 things every would-be property investor needs to know

Survival guide to the currency markets

From Soros to the euro, how the currency markets work and how they affect UK-based investors seeking global exposure.

A-Z of commodities

We look at how private investors can access the commodities markets.

What’s a good starter fund?

With thousands to choose from, where should you begin? We guide you through the fund jungle.

How do I tell if my fund is doing well?

An introduction to analysing fund and fund manager performance.

When should I buy? When should I sell?

Listening to the experts doesn’t always help, as there are no hard and fast rules on this one.

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