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Latest News - Brett Davidson

Brett Davidson: what separates the best from the rest

The firms that are thriving the most in the RDR world are those focusing on just a few key building blocks.

Breaking the barrier: how to boost assets beyond £30m

Overcome a growth barrier that is common to many advice firms by following seven simple steps that will enable you to scale up assets under advice and turnover, writes Brett Davidson, chief executive of Mode FP.

Don’t wing it: what airlines can teach you about segmenting clients

Client segmentation is as critical as ever to running a successful advice business. Here is an eight-step process that can make your firm more profitable, writes Brett Davidson of Mode FP.

Brett Davidson’s seven top tips to tripling turnover

Adviser firms that want to reach all of their business goals must instil a sense of belief that these are achievable and focus on unblocking the major obstacles in the way, writes Mode FP's Brett Davidson.

What will financial advice look like in five years' time?

Questioning the received wisdom about the future of the IFA profession will help firms to spot the opportunities likely to help them secure a long-term future, writes Brett Davidson of Mode.

Why RDR demands your service is not a turn-off for clients

With clients now able to turn off ongoing revenue, IFAs must ensure their proposition is outcome-focused and provides value for money to ensure their long-term survival, writes Brett Davidson of FP Advance.

How to master the art of client meetings by listening skilfully

Skilled use of open-ended questions and attentive listening, rather than the old model hard sell, are the techniques that will bring success in client meetings, writes Mode's Brett Davidson.

How to hire staff who don’t need babysitting

Staff who are unable to fulfil their duties will stifle your ability to perform your core role of bringing in business. Here’s a guide by Brett Davidson on how to build a workforce who contribute to your firm’s success.

Mastering Your Business: Mike Godfrey's triumphs - and mistakes

Mike Godfrey of Cube Financial Planning explains to consultant Brett Davidson of FP Advance how focusing on existing clients transformed his business.

Mastering Your Business: Barry Horner on how he built scale

Barry Horner of Paradigm Norton tells Brett Davidson of FP Advance how building the scale of his business allowed its planners to specialise and flourish.