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Latest News - Ian Muirhead

Five forms of joint venture to fit your firm

Joint ventures with solicitors can take a variety of forms, each with different tax and regulatory consequences, which advisers should weigh up before establishing one, writes Sifa's Ian Muirhead.

Independents can thrive despite SRA’s restricted referrals verdict

After months of consultation, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has finally given its verdict over the question of referrals to advisers.

Why solicitors should not abandon independence

Providers and tied salesforces will be the main beneficiaries if the Solicitors Regulation Authority relaxes its rules around referrals to independent advisers.

Sifa: How to work with solicitors

Ian Muirhead of Sifa looks at three IFAs that are successfully nurturing professional connections with solicitors.

Three questions FSA and the 'professional bodies' must answer

Starting with: why should trade bodies and standards organisations become FSA gatekeepers and quasi-regulators? 

The way I see it: Will professional connections ever work?

Why is it that so many financial advisers have written off professional connections as a lost cause, asks Sifa's Ian Muirhead?

Remuneration not products is key to independence

Ian Muirhead, director of Sifa, says the FSA should be looking at remuneration in the move towards independent advice.