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Latest News - Michelle Abrego

Lib Dems to review plans for flat rate pension tax relief

The Lib Dems plan to review the case for a flat rate of pension tax relief.

IFP: client-facing paraplanners should be regulated to reduce risk

The IFP chief executive said paraplanners involved in client meetings and carrying out due diligence should be regulated.

FSCS offers advisers 90% discounts on Keydata claims

FSCS has offered Keydata advisers with claims between £50,000 and £100,000 to settle for 10%.

Tyrie warns regulators over influencing HBOS review

TSC warns of risk of BoE and FCA influencing HBOS review.

Santander hits recruitment trail to rebuild advice arm

The bank is looking to recruit as it rebuilds its investment advice arm.

HMRC claims court victory over £114m avoidance scheme

Scheme exploited vaccine development tax reliefs.

Goldman Sachs: 'Yes' vote will trigger UK economic crisis

Goldman Sachs has warned that Scottish independence could have ‘severely negative’ consequences for the economy.

Apfa: FCA is too soft on FSCS and FOS

Apfa has hit out at the FCA for not being more critical of MAS, FSCS and FOS plans

MPs and Citizens Advice attack MAS over marketing budget

MPs, Citizens Advice and Apfa deliver fresh attack on the MAS's marketing budget.

FCA board racks up £62k in expenses over one year

FCA board expensed £61,887 over the year, including £55,037 on foreign travel and accommodation.