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Anthony Nutt

Anthony Nutt

About Anthony Nutt

Anthony Nutt is a master of understatement. Describing his sales job at the Ministry of Defence in the 1970s as 'a very interesting time' illustrates the point perfectly, given that many of his department's clients 'ended up being assassinated'. His cool manner reflects a character that does not buckle under pressure. Rather than just being a stockpicker, he is a fundamental investor, and will analyse companies, sectors and the overall economy as he constructs his portfolio. Born in June 1953, Nutt got his first big break in fund management when he joined Lloyds TSB to run the group's biggest unit trust, all £1.6 billion of it, and then moved to Flemings to manage a £2 billion fund. He now runs Jupiter's flagship Income Trust fund, the Jupiter High Income fund and the equity portion of the Jupiter Distribution fund.

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