Berkshire-based Ascot Wealth Management has handed leadership if its new division in South Africa to a graduate who recently completed the firm's trainee scheme. 

Matt Fagan was one of five staff at Ascot to recently gain the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Diploma in Financial Planning.

Catriona McCarron, Nicola Glass, Atticus Kidd, Paula Guedes and Fagan all became fully qualified.

In passing Fagan became one of the youngest ever chartered financial planners, at the age of 21.

Fagan completed the qualification while on a placement year from the University of Reading, and has received a graduate offer from Ascot ahead of his final year at university.

He has been given the opportunity to spearhead the firm’s new project in Cape Town, where Ascot is taking on 10 people. Many of the new emlpoyees are graduates from the University of Cape Town.

‘I’ve seen a lot of publicity around the success of young advisers, but Matt’s achievement is all the more impressive in that he has done it while on a placement year from university,’ said director Mark Insley (pictured).