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Cold snaps: our pick of advisers’ snow pics

On a weekend which saw much of Britain struggling under the weight of a few snow flurries, some of you managed to roll up your sleeves and make the most of the weather. Here are some of our favourite pictures guaranteed to brighten up your Monday.

Alistair Cunningham @cunningham_UK

Here is adviser Alistair Cunningham’s car covered in snow. Looks like he didn’t get anywhere fast (well, we hope not). In a nod to all budding photographers out there, he also said: ‘if you really must upload all these photographs of the #snow, please fix your White Balance.’

Martin Bamford @martinbamford

Laughing in the face of those who chose to use this weekend’s blizzards as an excuse to relax, adviser Martin Bamford ran through the snow for about a million kilometres. This picture was taken with five miles yet to tred. Kudos.

Claire Goodwin @theactualclaire

Like most of the British, paraplanner at Taylor Oliver, Claire Goodwin, finally succumbed to mentioning the weather. Can we blame her? Here is a picture of that moment, with the accompanying Tweet: ‘Breaking my snow news silence.......... GOOD MORNING SHEFFIELD.’

Lee Robertson @leerobertsonIQ

Travel chaos? What chaos. Tranquil London, through the eyes of Investment Quorum’s Lee Robertson.

Alan Dick @AlanDick42

Alan Dick of Forty Two Wealth Management, self-professed mad mountain biker, spent his weekend ploughing through the slurries on his bike.

Phil Young @philyoung360

In case anyone was in any doubt, it is snowing in Britain. Thanks for clarifying, Phil Young of Threesixty.

The Timebank @thetimebank

Two feet of snow here, as RTd by adviser Bridget Greenwood. That there is a winning photo. Fact.


Have you seen this man? The fella on the right isn't just any snowman ladies and gents. This was New Model Adviser® editor Daniel Grote before a Christmas miracle turned him into a real boy and delivered him to the Citywire offices. Or so legend has it. Otherwise, it is just quite an uncanny likeness.