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Editor's comment: I'm struggling to keep up with Next Gen IFAs

Editor's comment: I'm struggling to keep up with Next Gen IFAs

Thank you everyone who put themselves forward for this year’s Top 35 Next Generation Advisers. We had an overwhelming response. It was not just the quantity that impressed, but also the quality. Entrants came packing serious qualifications, and to be honest we were surprised by just how high the standard was.

I am 32. I joined New Model Adviser® in 2010 and spent three years reporting on advice before the retail distribution review (RDR) deadline. In those days some advisers’ biggest worry was getting the level 4 diploma. While there were many notable exceptions, especially among the New Model Adviser® readership, qualifications were a big hurdle.

I thought I had moved with the times, but you lot are moving even quicker. If you are qualified to the hilt and have not made it into this publication, do not feel too bad: you are definitely running in the right race.

Those who did make the list, though, displayed some extra elements we were looking for, which included (but were not limited to) taking a leadership role in the business, helping improve the advice profession, close involvement with clients, financial planning and investment expertise. This does result in a tilt towards those at smaller, new model firms.

This is a list of individuals, not companies, but there are many people here who have been able to make a greater contribution to their firms, employers and clients with fewer resources to support them.

One last point. After seeing last year’s Rising Stars list (yes, we have changed the name), I wondered if the cut-off at 35 years old should be reduced to 30. But the pathway in the advice profession is still, I suspect, a little longer than at, say, big wealth management firms, so for this year at least we kept the age bar where it was.

I hope you enjoy reading this list. It is a celebration of the profession, of sharing the successes of your peers and, hopefully, a bit of fun!

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