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Labour conference: No Brexit vote / Should the City vote Corbyn?

Labour conference: No Brexit vote / Should the City vote Corbyn?

The Labour conference this week will not debate Brexit or single market membership after delegates chose topics such as the NHS,  public sector pay and social care to discuss instead. 

Meanwhile, New Model Adviser® caught up with left wing columnist Owen Jones to ask why people in financial services would want to back Labour.

Brexit was one of 13 potential subjects for debate but eight other topics were chosen instead. 

According to the Guardian, Unions opposed choosing Brexit for debate, as did the pro-Corbyn group Momentum.

It is thought the debate would have exposed divisions over the issue among the party leadership.

Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Marr Corbyn also seemed cool on single market membership as it could block his plans to renationalise key services. He said: 'We need to look very carefully at the terms of any trade relationship, because at the moment we are part of the single market, obviously. That has within it restrictions on state aid and state spending.

‘That has pressures on it, through the European Union, to privatise rail, for example, and other services. I think we have to be quite careful about the powers we need as national governments.’

New Model Adviser® reporter Christine Dawson is at the Labour conference and managed to grab Guardian columnist Owen Jones who had been speaking alongside the Labour leader at an evening event.

Dawson asked Jones why someone in financial services should back a Corbyn government.

He said it would try and reorient the City from what had been a ‘disastrous’ approach that resulted in the financial crash and risky behaviours ‘that blew up in everyone’s faces’.

On the issue of Brexit Jones said Theresa May’s announcement last week, that the government would push to stay in the single market and customs union during a transitional period, was thanks to pressure created by the Labour party.

Corbyn did mention Brexit during the event hosted by The World Transformed, only to say ‘we want a good tariff-free trading agreement with Europe'.


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