A man arrested on suspicion of carrying out the bomb attack on the Borussia Dortmund team bus, is believed to have been speculating on the football club's shares.

On 11 April the bomb, which had been planted near the bus, exploded and caused two people to seek medical treatment.

The Spanish footballer Marc Bartra had to have wrist surgery and be treated for shock as a result of the attack.

Although police first suspected the attack was motivated by terrorism, it now seems a 28-year old identified as Sergej W, was behind the incident, according to reports.

Prosecutors say Sergei W, of German and Russina nationality, sought to make money from the subsequent share price drop in Borussia Dortmund stock.

He allegedly bought 15,000 put options on shares, reportedly priced at €78,000 (£65,000). Following the attack the value of the stock did drop from €5.738 per share to a low of €5.421.

Prosecutors have stated the suspect stayed in the same hotel as the team on the day of the attack, L'Arrivée hotel in Dortmund and had moved to a top floor room with a view of the street where the bomb would later explode.