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Tree-mendous! Advisers' best Christmas decorations

We’ve trawled through Twitter to bring you good, the bad, and the beautiful Christmas decorations advisers have snapped this year.

Keith Churchouse, of Chapters Financial Christmas, clearly does not know the meaning of excess. Having said that, the advantage of a small tree is you get a good view of the strong array of certificates on the wall.

Hilary Carden ‏of Bristol-based Carden Financial Life Planning snapped this scary looking snowman in Bristol town centre.

Paraplanners are not just about paperwork; although it turns out they pretty good at it! Joanna Hague, paraplanner at Investment for Life, managed to make the mighty New Model Adviser® festive. From tree, to paper, back to tree: the circle of life continues…

Penguin by name, penguin by decoration. Penguin Wealth’s Craig Palfrey lit up the office, and no doubt his staff’s faces with these little crackers.

Damian Davis of The Timebank, like Keith Churchouse before him, has really gone to town this year on the office decorations. Although to his credit the knitted pot is quite something.

Aberdeenshire-based Forbes Lawson has made sure it’s got its Christmas wishes in early this year. Fingers crossed for increased profits, hundreds of referrals, oh ….and a skateboard.

Sophie M (like Mel B or Ali G we guess) says she’s not your average financial planner, and she’s not having an average Christmas either by the look of things. This tree is awesome.

Ah! It’s hard not to be moved by Martin Bamford’s drawing competition with his daughter. I know who my money’s on.

Brett Davidson, chief executive of FP Advance, has kept things traditional with a tasteful tree. Look closely and you can see the man himself reflected in the window.

ParaSols Cathi Harrison has put on quite a spread, although there appear to be more animals than food on offer…

Sometimes captions are unnecessary, as is the case when Access Wealth Management’s James Clancy dresses up as Santa Claus. Ho ho ho!