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Tweet hearts: advisers spread some Valentine’s Day love on Twitter

Who said romance was dead? These advisers have done the Tweestest thing and taken to social networking to show the world just how romantic they really are. Happy Valentine's! 

Alan Smith

Capital Asset Management

Savvy tips from IFA Alan Smith. All was fine for the lothario until...

Rob Stevenson of the Kingmaker's Group made this comeback. #Priceless.

Brett Davidson & Nick Cann

A hearty exchange from FP Advance's Brett Davidson and the Institute of Financial Planning's Nick Cann.

Why get a card when you can say it in 140 characters? Precisely @brettdavidson.

Nick Lincoln

Values to Vision Financial Planning

Nick Lincoln @V2VFP was tickled by follower Alistair Kerr's belt and braces approach to Valentine's.

Adam J Walker

IFA Adam Walker imparts top tips on how to guarantee Valentine's cards are for life and just not done via Twitter.

Richard Allum

Paraplanners might have won the contest this year. Richard Allum of ParaPlanPlus Tweeted this very 'sweet' picture this morning.