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Latest News - Graham Wainer

GAM: what can private clients do about Europe?

Europe has struggled to match the recovery seen elsewhere in the world so GAM's Graham Wainer and Julian Howard set out what private clients can do.

Graham Wainer: Italian election could put brakes on European recovery

GAM's global investments head is concerned about the renaissance of Silvio Berlusconi, fearing it could shake the European recovery before it even gets going.

Wainer: what will get us out of this economic mess?

GAM's Graham Wainer believes capital expenditure projects rather than debt reduction plans could prove to be a more useful tool to keep the UK economy afloat.

Graham Wainer: investors have failed to question a rush to ETFs

Many have surrendered to ETFs’ domination and are busy filling their clients’ portfolios with them – but it is worth taking a step back to question exactly what the risks are

Wainer: how should clients exploit emerging market growth?

GAM head of private clients Graham Wainer discusses the best asset allocation strategies to help tap into the emerging markets growth story.

Large cap picks for troubled times ahead

Liquidity conditions in the next few years are unlikely to be as bountiful as they have been recently. The implications for equity markets are profound: relying on expanding price/earnings ratios driven by low interest rates will become unsustainable.

Graham Wainer: can equities help hedge against inflation

It's a good theory - but does it stand up to examination, wonders Graham Wainer

Graham Wainer: why commodities are not a one-way bet

GAM's head of private clients explains why it is important not to rely too heavily on commodities for returns. 

Graham Wainer: could technology fix world markets?

Technology has played a key role as a catalyst for economic growth throughout history.

GAM's Wainer: Why Ireland and peers should focus on growth policies

GAM's head of portfolio management Graham Wainer on why the former Celtic Tiger and other struggling countries should focus their policies on growth - for the time being.

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Tesco, Japan and the rise of the central banker

 Libby Ashby and leading wealth managers scrutinise the food retail sector, Japan’s consumption tax hike and political risk in the markets.

Play Colin McLean's mid-cap picks

Colin McLean's mid-cap picks

The SVM director and fund manager on his pick of the UK mid-caps.

Profile: why Chris Wyllie joined Connor Broadley

Profile: why Chris Wyllie joined Connor Broadley

Professional footballers are not renowned for their financial acumen, but former Millwall player James Connor is an exception to the rule

Profile: Sarasin's quant boss on how smart beta is shaping private client strategy

Profile: Sarasin's quant boss on how smart beta is shaping private client strategy

Sarasin's head of quant on how private client strategies are having to evolve in an era of smart beta