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Latest News - Haig Bathgate

Haig Bathgate: 'déjà vu' - Québécois lessons for Scotland

Turcan Connell's chief investment officer compares Scotland to the 1995 Quebec secession referendum where a 'photo finish' weighed on stockmarkets and currencies.  

Haig Bathgate: the obscure world of investment trust IPOs

New Wealth Manager columnist, Turcan Connell chief investment officer Haig Bathgate, has real reservations about the fees involved in the trust IPO market.  

Haig Bathgate: the mother of all rigged markets

Turcan Connell's CIO believes the UK's day of reckoning is fast approaching as he outlines why the Bank of England's policy is a recipe for disaster.

Is now a good time to embrace the euro?

Sterling's relative weakness and lower corporate tax rates could give the UK the upper hand, Turcan Connell's Haig Bathgate argues.

Bathgate: no double dip and Eurozone will hold together

Haig Bathgate argues that the markets are only reacting to bad news and ignoring all positives, an attitude which needs to change.

Haig Bathgate: the special situations case for distressed Europe

As the markets lurch from ‘risk on’ states of optimism to ‘risk off’ periods of despair, it is important to step back and understand your clients’ timescales for investment and, more importantly, the underlying fundamentals.

Haig Bathgate: government inflation forecast is ludicrous

The Office for Budget Responsibility has revised down its growth forecast and inflation looks likely to remain high for some time says the Turcan Connell director.   

Haig Bathgate: Miners are the tech bubble of today

Commodities now equate to nearly 40% of the FTSE - if they are in a bubble, the UK market will get hit very hard as a result.

Haig Bathgate: Is the UK really out of the woods yet?

Although attention is focused on the woes of the eurozone countries, there is little reason for the UK to relax.

Haig Bathgate: Why UK inflation could surprise on the upside

Turcan Connell's investment director on why inflation is a real threat to the UK economy.

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Tesco, Japan and the rise of the central banker

 Libby Ashby and leading wealth managers scrutinise the food retail sector, Japan’s consumption tax hike and political risk in the markets.

Play Colin McLean's mid-cap picks

Colin McLean's mid-cap picks

The SVM director and fund manager on his pick of the UK mid-caps.

Profile: Psigma's Edinburgh boss on why he is in Scotland long term

Profile: Psigma's Edinburgh boss on why he is in Scotland long term

When Tim Wishart agreed to launch an Edinburgh office for Psigma he was not expecting to  head the company’s first overseas team

Profile: why Chris Wyllie joined Connor Broadley

Profile: why Chris Wyllie joined Connor Broadley

Professional footballers are not renowned for their financial acumen, but former Millwall player James Connor is an exception to the rule