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Latest News - James Carthew

James Carthew: is the Japanese glass half full, empty, or illusory?

It is easy to become fixated on Japan's macroeconomic picture.

Carthew: how multi-manager needs to evolve to survive

It has been 10 years since Princess Private Equity listed in London.

Carthew: Biopharma trusts can't resist the double dip

The size and depth of opportunities in healthcare continue to expand

Carthew: complexity killed the ZDP stars

On the face of it, the zero dividend preference market is fading away

Carthew: wait for Brexit blood in the streets to buy property

Why is Hansteen offering to buy back half its issued shares at a premium?

Carthew: bulls are stampeding straight into a trade war

If you are casting around for things that could call a halt to ever rising markets, a global trade war seems like a good bet

Carthew: Impax has delivered much more than warm feelings

There is a significant, underserved audience for listed funds focused not just on profit but also on making the world a better place

Carthew: smaller Reits are escaping the troubles of the majors

A cloud still hangs over the likes of Land Securities and British Land, while Intu, the shopping centre specialist, is hitting new multi-year lows.

Carthew: why is equity income fund selection such a mess?

What makes a fund stand out? It is a question that preoccupies boards and is relevant when investors are being warned of me-too funds, quasi-trackers and active investing

Carthew: The People's Trust looks a lot like Alliance Trust

The People’s Trust, Daniel Godfrey’s long-trailed investment trust, launched its IPO on 7 September