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Nick Sketch: do the pros outweigh the cons of discount controls?

Discount controls are usually not great for an investment manager, because buying back stock shrinks fees.

Nick Sketch: investment trusts with an edge in income

Four themes have deterred income-seekers from investing in investment trusts (ITs) in recent times

Nick Sketch: Negative gilt/equity correlation is trap for the unwary

To most of us, gilts look like terrible investments for all but the very short term – but many said that a couple of years ago and were wrong.

Trusts innovate to issue at discount - but rarely in investors interests

Making an investment trust bigger is tricky. Most trade at discounts, so issuing new shares is a non-starter

Nick Sketch: why wealth managers got hedge funds so wrong

Many investors have done badly in the last five years from hedge funds because the investments did not do a good job - but many others just bought the wrong funds

Nick Sketch: investing for gold upside while avoiding the bubble

Gold doesn’t rot, rust, default or go bust, and it tends to go up in price when everything else looks sick. However, its price has risen hugely, and an ounce in an exchange traded fund (ETF) or a coin costs vastly more than it costs a mining company to dig it up.

Nick Sketch: Looking for value beyond the 'Woodford portfolio'

Consensus views are often right, but blindly following them is dangerous and it is hard to outperform by buying the same as everyone else

Why managing risk is a lot more complicated than you think

Investors need to think carefully about which risks are important to them – does one-year crash protection matter more than beating inflation over 20 years?

Nick Sketch: Investment trusts still make me angry

Rensburg Sheppards' investment trust supremo is still angry after 25 years.

When a high total expense ratio is worth it

Low expense ratios are often touted as trust's big advantage. But focussing on this alone is likely to lead to disappointment.

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Play Tesco, Japan and the rise of the central banker

Tesco, Japan and the rise of the central banker

 Libby Ashby and leading wealth managers scrutinise the food retail sector, Japan’s consumption tax hike and political risk in the markets.

Play Colin McLean's mid-cap picks

Colin McLean's mid-cap picks

The SVM director and fund manager on his pick of the UK mid-caps.

Profile: why Chris Wyllie joined Connor Broadley

Profile: why Chris Wyllie joined Connor Broadley

Professional footballers are not renowned for their financial acumen, but former Millwall player James Connor is an exception to the rule

Profile: Sarasin's quant boss on how smart beta is shaping private client strategy

Profile: Sarasin's quant boss on how smart beta is shaping private client strategy

Sarasin's head of quant on how private client strategies are having to evolve in an era of smart beta