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Managed by

Søren Milo Christensen

Søren Milo Christensen works at Skagen where he runs equity funds with a value investment style. Prior to joining Skagen in 2010, he worked at Bankinvest for 10 years as a portfolio manager. Since 2010, Søren has been managing the Skagen Global Fund investing in large and mid cap stocks. Søren studied at Copenhagen Business School and has an MSc in finance and accounting. He is based in Stavanger in Norway and outside of work he enjoys football and skiing.

Kristian Falnes

Kristian Falnes works at Skagen where he runs equity strategies with a value investment style. Prior to joining Skagen in 1997, he worked at Laerdal Finans as a portfolio manager (1994-1997), at SR-Fonds as a financial analyst (1990-1994) and at Block Watne as group controller (1988-1990). Kristian studied at the Norwegian Business School and holds a degree in finance. He was born in Stavanger in Norway where he is also currently based. His interests outside fund management include football and skiing.


This is an actively managed fund with a global investment mandate. The fund's strategy is to find low-priced, high-quality companies that are undervalued, underresearched and unpopular. To reduce risk, the fund seeks to maintain a reasonable geographic and sectoral balance. Active management entails that the portfolio managers invest in companies on the basis of their own analyses. With common sense and long-term planning, the portfolio managers try to avoid investing in popular companies and industries at a price that is too high relative to those companies fundamental value and earnings.

Registered For Sale In

  1. Belgium
  2. Denmark
  3. Finland
  4. Germany
  5. Iceland
  6. Ireland
  7. Luxembourg
  8. Netherlands
  9. Norway
  10. Sweden
  11. Switzerland
  12. United Kingdom

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