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HMRC reveals the top 10 tax credit renewal excuses

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by James Phillipps on Jul 15, 2014 at 15:01

With the deadline for renewing tax credits looming on 31 July, HM Revenue & Customs reveals the top 10 excuses for not renewing claims.

1. I didn’t need the money because I’d met a rich bloke, but he dumped me

Expecting to be showered in diamonds by her wealthy new beau, this unfortunate woman couldn’t be bothered to fill in the form until after she got tossed on the scrapheap.

2. My mum usually does this for me

This pampered individual is clearly still tied to her mother’s apron strings, but maybe her parent isn’t quite the Wonder Woman her offspring thinks she is. A dent in the wallet might encourage them to take responsibility for their own finances.

3. The form was locked in the boot of my car and then my car caught fire

This was an inventive excuse, if nothing else, and HMRC was on hand to pour cold water on their hopes for leniency.

4. My baby used the paperwork as a colouring book

This excuse surely vindicates HMRC’s decision to enable claimants to renew online for the first time this year.

5. My dog ate the form

This person has clearly not graduated past the age old excuse that has been used by schoolchildren across the land since the year dot.

6. I got confused with the 31 January Self Assessment deadline

Of all of the deadlines you would think someone would remember, it would be the one that gives you money rather than takes it away from you. Having been freelance previously, a number of us here can sympathise with filling in the Self Assessment forms though.

7. I booked the last two weeks of July for a holiday and forgot about it

This person’s upcoming summer holiday is unlikely to garner much sympathy from HMRC staff who are no doubt currently swamped in a mountain of paperwork at deadline time.

8. I’ve been in hospital but am feeling much better now

This excuse is possibly playing the sympathy but if true, seems the most likely to work. It’ll be like the office though- you’ll have to produce a doctor’s letter to back up any period of extended sickness.

9. I was unable to get income details from my employers in time

Given most people get their P60 in April this sounds a bit far-fetched unless the employer is a bit slack when it comes to paperwork.

10. I thought I’d already renewed

Most tax forms are so painstaking to fill in that it is unlikely that someone would forget it in a hurry.

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