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Mark Barnett

Mark Barnett

About Mark Barnett

Mark Barnett graduated from the University of Reading with a BA in French & politics. He began his investment career in 1992 with Mercury Asset Management, and joined Invesco Perpetual in 1996 where he is currently a fund manager. Mark has been managing funds for over 18 years.

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Citywire Rating: AAA rated


  • SRated A in Sep 2010
  • ORated A in Oct 2010
  • NRated A in Nov 2010
  • DRated A in Dec 2010


  • JRated A in Jan 2011
  • FRated A in Feb 2011
  • MNot rated in Mar 2011
  • ARated A in Apr 2011
  • MRated A in May 2011
  • JRated A in Jun 2011
  • JRated A in Jul 2011
  • ARated A in Aug 2011
  • SRated A in Sep 2011
  • ORated A in Oct 2011
  • NRated A in Nov 2011
  • DNot rated in Dec 2011


  • JNot rated in Jan 2012
  • FNot rated in Feb 2012
  • MNot rated in Mar 2012
  • ANot rated in Apr 2012
  • MNot rated in May 2012
  • JNot rated in Jun 2012
  • JNot rated in Jul 2012
  • ANot rated in Aug 2012
  • SRated A in Sep 2012
  • ORated A in Oct 2012
  • NRated A in Nov 2012
  • DRated A in Dec 2012


  • JRated A in Jan 2013
  • FRated A in Feb 2013
  • MRated A in Mar 2013
  • ARated AA in Apr 2013
  • MRated AA in May 2013
  • JRated A in Jun 2013
  • JRated A in Jul 2013
  • ARated AA in Aug 2013
  • SRated AA in Sep 2013
  • ORated AA in Oct 2013
  • NRated AA in Nov 2013
  • DRated AA in Dec 2013


  • JRated AA in Jan 2014
  • FRated AAA in Feb 2014
  • MRated AAA in Mar 2014
  • ARated AAA in Apr 2014
  • MRated AAA in May 2014
  • JRated AA in Jun 2014
  • JRated AAA in Jul 2014
  • ARated AA in Aug 2014
  • SRated AA in Sep 2014
  • ORated AA in Oct 2014
  • NRated AAA in Nov 2014
  • DRated AAA in Dec 2014


  • JRated AAA in Jan 2015
  • FRated AAA in Feb 2015
  • MRated AAA in Mar 2015


Equity - UK Equity Income
over : 28/02/2014 - 28/02/2015

Total Return

Month by Month Performance

Quarterly Performance

to 01/01/2015 Annual Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2014 10.5% 3.2% 2.4% 1.4% 3.1%
2013 34.5% 17.1% 2.6% 5.1% 6.6%
2012 14.7% 5.3% 0.2% 6.0% 2.7%
2011 3.7% 1.7% 4.6% -5.8% 3.5%
2010 -3.8% 8.4% 5.6%

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