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Philip Roantree

Philip Roantree

Citywire Rating: Not Eligible

Philip Roantree does not have the required track record to be eligible for a Citywire Rating. See methodology

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AXA hires former New Star and JPM bond managers

AXA Investment Managers has boosted its fixed income team with two senior hires, including ex-New Star bond manager Philip Roantree.

Querns launches tax elected income fund for Whittaker and Roantree

The former New Star pair’s Querns Income First fund is one of the earliest adopters of the tax elected fund regime introduced last year

Ex-New Star duo Whittaker and Roantree launch income fund

Former New Star fund managers Stephen Whittaker and Phil Roantree are to run a high income fund for their new venture Querns Asset Managers

Whittaker and Roantree to launch low-cost fund

Former New Star Asset Management chief investment officer, Stephen Whittaker, and bond specialist Phil Roantree, are to launch a low-cost fund service.

The corporate bond funds that have delivered

Only a handful of UK corporate bond managers posted positive returns over the past 12 months, with GLG Partners' Lorenzo Gallenga and Gareth Isaac putting on their best performance.

Henderson bond duo to cut financials and property exposure

Henderson's Stephen Thariyan and Philip Payne have cut their exposure to financials on the New Star Sterling Bond fund, which they inherited from Philip Roantree last month.

What next for New Star’s income funds?

More than £1 billion is invested in New Star’s range of high-yielding funds. Now that the line-up of managers moving to Henderson Global Investors following its takeover is complete, what should investors’ next move be?

Roantree, Thompson and Deptford not joining Henderson, Green signs

Citywire can reveal Trevor Green is to join Henderson Global Investor from New Star but it is understood income duo Toby Thompson and Charlie Deptford and bond specialist Philip Roantree, will not be joining the firm.

Bond star James Gledhill to join Henderson

Citywire has learnt that fixed income manager James Gledhill is to join Henderson Global Investors with the acquisition of his firm New Star.

Corporate bond funds rack up losses on recession fears

Investors in corporate bonds have suffered losses as large as 10% as liquidity problems and recession fears hit fixed interest securities, analysis by Citywire shows.