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Philip Rodrigs

Philip Rodrigs

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About Philip Rodrigs

Philip Rodrigs was born in June 1981 in Karlsruhe, West Germany. He attended Oxford University where he studied Economics and Management, graduating from Oxford in 2002, and later that year he joined Invesco as a trainee fund manager. After a year of training he joined T Rowe Price as a pan European equities analyst where he worked for two years. In 2005 he joined Investec as a small-Cap analyst. He was promoted to small-cap manager in 2006 before moving to River & Mercantile in 2014. When not in the hectic world of fund management he enjoys holidays with activities ranging from skiing to scuba diving.

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Citywire Rating: Not Eligible

Philip Rodrigs does not currently have the required track record to be eligible for a Citywire Rating. See methodology


  • DRated AAA in Dec 2008


  • JRated AAA in Jan 2009
  • FRated AAA in Feb 2009
  • MRated AAA in Mar 2009
  • ARated AAA in Apr 2009
  • MRated AAA in May 2009
  • JRated AAA in Jun 2009
  • JRated AAA in Jul 2009
  • ARated AAA in Aug 2009
  • SRated AA in Sep 2009
  • ORated AAA in Oct 2009
  • NRated AAA in Nov 2009
  • DRated AAA in Dec 2009


  • JRated AAA in Jan 2010
  • FRated AAA in Feb 2010
  • MRated AAA in Mar 2010
  • ARated AAA in Apr 2010
  • MRated AAA in May 2010
  • JRated AAA in Jun 2010
  • JRated AAA in Jul 2010
  • ARated AAA in Aug 2010
  • SRated AAA in Sep 2010
  • ORated AAA in Oct 2010
  • NRated AAA in Nov 2010
  • DRated AAA in Dec 2010


  • JRated AAA in Jan 2011
  • FRated AAA in Feb 2011
  • MRated AAA in Mar 2011
  • ARated AAA in Apr 2011
  • MRated AAA in May 2011
  • JRated AA in Jun 2011
  • JRated AA in Jul 2011
  • ARated AA in Aug 2011
  • SRated AA in Sep 2011
  • ORated AAA in Oct 2011
  • NRated AAA in Nov 2011
  • DRated AAA in Dec 2011


  • JRated AAA in Jan 2012
  • FRated AA in Feb 2012
  • MRated AA in Mar 2012
  • ARated AA in Apr 2012
  • MRated AAA in May 2012
  • JRated AAA in Jun 2012
  • JRated AAA in Jul 2012
  • ARated AAA in Aug 2012
  • SRated AAA in Sep 2012
  • ORated AAA in Oct 2012
  • NRated AAA in Nov 2012
  • DRated AAA in Dec 2012


  • JRated AAA in Jan 2013
  • FRated AAA in Feb 2013
  • MRated AAA in Mar 2013
  • ARated AA in Apr 2013
  • MRated AA in May 2013
  • JRated A in Jun 2013
  • JRated A in Jul 2013
  • ANot rated in Aug 2013
  • SRated A in Sep 2013
  • ORated Plus in Oct 2013
  • NRated Plus in Nov 2013
  • DRated Plus in Dec 2013


  • JRated A in Jan 2014
  • FRated Plus in Feb 2014


over : 31/01/2016 - 31/01/2017

Total Return

Month by Month Performance

Quarterly Performance

to 01/01/2017 Annual Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2016 6.3% -1.4% -11.3% 18.3% 2.8%
2015 18.1% 3.9% 5.4% 5.9% 1.9%
2014 0.5% 5.0% -4.6% -1.6% 1.9%
2013 45.5% 7.9% 0.6% 16.8% 14.8%
2012 -5.9% 11.0% 3.6%

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