Columbia Threadneedle’s UK Property Authorised Investment fund has reached £1.5 billion in assets under management.

Managed by Gerry Frewin, Columbia Threadneedle said the fund has continued to experience net inflows and completed more than forty commercial property acquisitions during 2017, amounting to over £400 million.

The fund has decisively bounced back since the firm suspended trading in the-then £1.3 billion portfolio in July 2016, following deep redemptions from open-ended property funds after the Brexit vote.

That suspension was lifted two months later.

Last year the firm moved the UK Property Authorised Investment fund and another of its UK property funds from bid to offer pricing after experiencing net inflows.

Head of UK wholesale at Columbia Threadneedle Alastair Caw said: ‘Gerry and the wider property team’s approach and investment philosophy has ensured the fund has maintained steady inflows through all market conditions. 

‘Our consistent investment strategy is well understood by our investors.  With traditional sources of income becoming harder to find, we are seeing more and more investors are turning to higher-yielding property funds for their income needs.’

Columbia Threadneedle’s head of property, Don Jordison, retired last month after 24 years with the company.