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How to address the needs of vulnerable clients

With dementia now the leading cause of death in the UK, this has implications for wealth managers' client banks.

Tainted by scandal: how to approach crisis-hit investments

Set-back, scandal or crisis, whatever you want to call it when something goes wrong with a company, investors are forced to make a decision: do they pull out or wait for recovery?

How wealth firms can wire into the Silicon Roundabout crowd

Shoreditch’s Silicon Roundabout has become a fresh hunting ground for wealth managers to pick up new clients.

Twilight for QE in the land of Rising Sun

Traders emboldened by a slowdown in JGB buying got smacked after testing the BoJ's limits. But how much further can policy run?

The 'art' of suitability poses 'serious' issues for wealth firms

A report shows wealth managers are battling to manage suitability as regulation makes it an increasingly scientific process.

Will the year of the Rooster be a new dawn for China?

The year of the rooster could be a big one for China to increase its influence in the Asia-Pacific region, as Donald Trump’s policies create gaps to exploit.

Why have DFMs dumped developed market equity?

High valuations and low levels of political visibility have driven developed equity exposure to its lowest level since 2011

Mifid II: how wealth firms can avoid voice recording fines

Alex Phillips, head of mobile at Adam Phones highlights how firms need to prepare for voice recording requirements under Mifid II.

How wealth managers can get football stars onside

Sports stars are hardly a model of savvy financial planning, but even for those on platinum pay packets, the 2008 financial crisis has served as a timely wake-up call.

Wealth firms must be careful not to lose focus

Those who believe that consolidation is the story of the moment in wealth management are mistaken, according to Cerno Capital managing partner James Spence.

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Play James Henderson's HOT trades post-Brexit

James Henderson's HOT trades post-Brexit

James Henderson, the manager of the Henderson Opportunities Trust has been finding opportunities to invest since the summer, especially in the pharmaceuticals sector.