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Nine wealth managers reveal their New Year resolutions

Less time playing with technology and saving pounds in Tesco while losing them off the waist feature in wealth managers' 2014 commitments.

David Cowell, director, Myddleton Croft, Leeds

I resolve to:

  1. Exceed my previous record by not breaking any resolution until 3 January
  2. Only to use acceptable expletives when referring to either politicians or regulators
  3. To use my two ears and one mouth in those proportions
  4. Knock 10% off any tradesmen’s bill whose opening remark is preceded by a sharp inhalation between clenched teeth
  5. Ignore the opinion of anyone who says, ‘Going forward’
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Matthew Hunt, principal, Prospect Wealth Management, London

My resolution for 2014 is to maintain the 100% positive client satisfaction levels that Prospect achieved in last year’s client survey. That means continuing to outperform our return benchmarks as well as delivering on high service standards. I am also looking forward to upgrading our marketing efforts with a new website, including my first foray into video. I will of course maintain our acclaimed monthly newsletter but I also want to do more marketing on the golf course!

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Michael Smith, private client director, Brown Shipley, Manchester

‘There’re a few things I’ll be looking to achieve in 2014: to increase the visibility of Brown Shipley, particularly in the North West; to continue to forge strong ties with professionals in the legal and corporate finance market; to increase lending to both existing and new clients. Finally, to retain the distinguished Brown Shipley Golf Challenge Trophy!

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Rosie Bullard, portfolio manager, James Hambro & Partners, London

Following my Christmas over-indulgence, I will no longer be downing Diageo. My smoking habit will go up in flames, despite the (un)healthy dividend from BAT. I will save pounds in Tesco and loose them off my waist. As I cannot work out how to return any gifts from Amazon, even in the D S Smith packaging, I will be selling them on eBay and topping up my Visa balance. By the end of January, it will be time to Booker holiday through Intercontinental Hotels Group, off to A-viva Las Vegas!

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Sean Raftery, executive director, Quilter Cheviot, Birmingham

My new year resolutions always start with aiming to deliver better returns to clients than they expect and I think there’s every chance of that in 2014. It’s also a year of milestones – 20 years’ service at Quilter Cheviot and the 20th anniversary of the opening of our Birmingham office – and I’ll be resolving to make the most of those by planning efficiently and executing expediently! I’ll also endeavour to hit the gym and be abstemious in January (so am probably best avoided then) and to make sure I make the most of time with my lovely family.

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Tony Yarrow, director/chairman, Wise Investments, Oxfordshire

As we are now in 2014, I have decided on my New Year's resolution. It's about trying to make the best use of time. I'm going to try and be realistic about what I can actually do in an hour, or a day, or a month, and try to concentrate on what matters most. I use my time best when I do things one at a time, giving each one my full attention until it's finished, rather than flitting from one thing to another, but I do have a tendency to flit.

One of my colleagues has a saying that there are things that are important and things that are urgent. Urgent things are often things that other people have left till the last minute, and have got into a panic about, and while always being willing to help, it's worth remembering that urgent things tend to get in the way of what's really important. I think the good use of time includes making sure that leisure time is spent as far as possible doing things that are really enjoyable, rather than just collapsing in a heap-something else I'm prone to doing.

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Chris Bell, senior investment manager, Capital International Group, Isle of Man

Despite positive equity markets, asset management is a stressful business these days and my main resolution is to take a step back and take the longer view, it is too easy to get wrapped in the short term ‘noise’. Exercise is normally at the top of most lists but I am broadly happy with my regime, maybe more vigorous gardening could be the answer. I would also like to get across to Yorkshire in the summer to see Le Tour, it should be memorable, particularly if the ‘Manx Missile’ can win a sprint!

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Deon Gouws, CIO, Credo Group, London

My New Year’s resolutions are:

  1. to think deeply, buy carefully, sell smartly… and hold with conviction in between;
  2. to be as good a fund manager as my dog thinks I am; and
  3. to spend less time interacting with technology after hours, and more time chatting with family & friends.
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Emma Black, portfolio manager, Tier One Capital, Newcastle

This year I’m excited to participate in the continued expansion and establishment of Tier One Capital, working with the rest of our growing team to continually provide advisers and clients with high-quality bespoke investment and cash solutions, while personally I’ll be finally attempting to master French – wish me luck!

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