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Fund of the Week: JOHCM UK Equity Income

I've recently parked a small part of my pension in the JOHCM UK Equity Income fund run by Clive Beagles and James Lowen but this is not an investment for the faint hearted.

Blending the relatively stable large income paying stocks in the UK with their racier medium-sized peers, making it quite choppy over the short-term and liable to fall faster than its peers during difficult periods.

However, there are many reasons to be positive on the fragile global recovery and that, along with just how cheap equities have become has forced my hand. So I've moved 10% of my pension out of cash and into UK equities, which has taken more than its fair share of the negative sentiment given its proximity to Europe.

This is one to pick, if like me you are tired of all the doom mongering and want to put some of your assets back into the market and hold on tight for the long term.

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