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Tools of the Trade: three top reads from Newscape's Bonnor-Moris

Tools of the Trade: three top reads from Newscape's Bonnor-Moris

Richard Bonnor-Moris (pictured) is head of multi-asset solutions at Newscape Capital Group. Prior to this he was senior adviser at Nemesis Asset Management, and was a vice president at both Lehman Brothers and JPMorgan Private Bank.


French academics Edhec-Risk have a range of risk-weighted benchmarks that Newscape has used for years, and Bonnor-Moris describes them as ‘tough to beat’. He says: ‘They are an academic house and I value their perspective. They are not going to fall for market sentiment.’

John Mauldin’s ‘Thoughts from the front line’

‘My favourite regular research piece is John Mauldin’s “Thoughts from the front line”, which is distributed on Saturdays – I don’t often agree with it but it’s interesting,’ Bonnor-Moris says.

‘Mauldin tends to be fairly conservative, I wouldn’t describe him as one of the world’s perma-bears but he is fairly cautious. Recently, he had an interesting take on the problems in the US, despite the talk about them doing quite well.

‘It tends to be more of a warning on what could go wrong. You couldn’t invest in the way that he talks all the time because you wouldn’t be invested in anything.’

This Time it’s Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly, Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff

Bonnor-Moris read this ‘excellent’ book on Mauldin’s recommendation and says it has ‘been proven more right by the day’.

‘They wrote it before the 2008 debacle – they were talking about how the building up of government debt was unsustainable then.’

The Trouble with Markets, Roger Bootle

‘I sound like a right bear quoting these guys because he [Bootle] is another fairly cautious man,’ says Bonnor-Moris.

‘He doesn’t really come up with any solution for what needs to change but he says those are the things that you need to take into account when you are investing.’

He adds that Bootle argues investors have not been fully taking into account the eurozone’s problems.

LinkedIn groups: CFA and Family Office

Bonnor-Moris describes these industry-focused forums as ‘a bit of a nerdy way for people to get into debates with one another’.

‘It started when I was at Lehman’s when it collapsed and someone set up a group to talk about what happened.

‘People put up their opinions and you end up getting into debates with like-minded individuals that you may or may not do business with.’

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