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Kames' Ennett: Trump good for US high yield, but beware Europe

Kames Capital’s head of high yield David Ennett believes the changing political landscape will be a positive for the US, but negative for Europe in 2017.

Philip Milburn: why inflation won't run out of control

Kames bond fund manager views inflation as more of 'scare' than a 'problem' and is positioning his portfolios accordingly.

Henderson's Lofthouse on merger boost and political risk

Ben Lofthouse talks through where he is finding income and what surprises await the global economy in the new year.

How we have misunderstood political challenges

Alexander Betts believes new jobs have to be created to cope with the changing environment.

Ross Hollyman: it's more important than ever to be open-minded

The Sabre Global Value & Income fund managers sheds light on his process that marries both systematic and fundamental investing.

Allianz's MacDonald: the good and the bad of Trump's win

Following Donald Trump's presidential victory, Lucy MacDonald discusses the impact on the Brunner Investment Trust.

AXA IM's Saurymper: don't be afraid of Clinton biotech stance

The manager of the AXA Framlington Health fund analyses what the US election could mean for the healthcare sector.

Kames's Snowden: 'There is no bond bubble'

Kames Capital’s Stephen Snowden says corporate bonds are ‘expensive’, but are not in bubble territory.

Kames's Milburn: Why we're adding credit risk

Kames Capital’s bond stalwart Phil Milburn believes the spreads available in high yield offer ‘pretty reasonable’ value, prompting him to up his credit risk exposure.

Josh Brown: We're in the grip of a lunatic cycle

The 'Reformed Broker' shared his musings on the US Election and the need for consolidation within asset management at this year's CWM Retreat.

Investment Trust video
Play How Whitehead is turning round the Securities Trust

How Whitehead is turning round the Securities Trust

Mark Whitehead talks about how removing the Securities Trust of Scotland's benchmark helped him start to turn the fund around.