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Copia's Erdem on the ETF market

In the first of a series on Smart Beta, Markit's Simon Colvin and Copia Capital's Dr Evrin Erdem discuss QE, ETFs, and Euro equities

Aberdeen's Radano on where to find US income opportunities

Fran Radano of the North American Income Trust identifies some of the areas he believes offer the best opportunities.

Private Client Manager Retreat 2015: video highlights

We bring you the highlights from our Private Client Manager Retreat.

Brewin's Foster and Gutteridge: majority division with James Dowey

In this week's podcast, Guy Foster and Ben Gutteridge interview James Dowey, chief economist at Neptune.

Alistair Darling: light the fire of nationalism at your peril

Speaking at the Private Client Manager Retreat, the former Labour chancellor outlined the dangers of the European referendum debate taking the wrong the course.

Hendersons Volckaert: Why I'm happy with my 50% US overweight

The manager of the Henderson Global trust also discusses the challenges of diversification on a global portfolio.

Brazier: 'I am yet to find a CEO who wants UK to leave Europe'

Investec's Simon Brazier has warned on the impact of a 'Brexit' but described a Conservative majority as good news for UK plc.

Brewin's Foster: capital ideas from Roger Bootle

In this week's podcast, Brewin Dolphin's Guy Foster interviews Roger Bootle, founder of Capital Economics. 

Jonathan Polin: why Towry spent £120m on Ashcourt Rowan

The former Ashcourt chief explains why Towry was prepared to pay such steep premium to buy the firm.

Citywire South West: the highlights

We bring you the best bits from our annual South West event held in St Pierre, Chepstow.

Has ‘sales’ become a dirty word in wealth management?

Has ‘sales’ become a dirty word in wealth management?

Two industry insiders warn that sales needs to come back into focus for firms at a time when cost-income ratios are 'astronomically high'.

1 Comment The case for buying FX-hedged ETFs

The case for buying FX-hedged ETFs

Currency hedged ETFs have attracted many investors trying to protect against volatility but is the timing right?

Smart beta: viable pure passive alternative or sales gimmick?

Smart beta: viable pure passive alternative or sales gimmick?

Wealth managers are split on whether smart beta strategies have a place in portfolios.