HgCapital Trust (Ordinary Share) HGT

Private Equity

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Estimated NAV


Share Price


Total Returns on £1000 over 

Fund / Benchmark Total returns(%)
HgCapital Trust (Ordinary Share) Price 81.72%
HgCapital Trust (Ordinary Share) NAV 60.67%
LPX United Kingdom 24.45%
Total Returns on £1000

Discount / Premium Movement

Discount / Premium Movement


Share Type Yesterday's
Closing Price
Discount / Premium Diluted NAV Gearing Dividend
Est Last
Ordinary Share 1735.0 -3.9% 1806.00 1845.00
31 Aug
100% 2.65%

Discrete performance % over

Fund / BenchmarkFeb '15
Jan '16
Feb '16
Jan '17
Feb '17
Jan '18
HgCapital Trust (Ordinary Share) Price3.4049.1017.87
HgCapital Trust (Ordinary Share) NAV13.6119.5118.33
LPX United Kingdom1.8616.215.14

Discrete performance over

Discrete Performance

Top 10 Holdings

Visma 14.50%
Iris 11.60%
Sovos Compliance 7.50%
Jla Equityco Limited 4.40%
Radius 4.10%
CogitalGroup 3.90%
Mitratech 3.90%
Achilles Corp 3.80%
Raet 3.10%
A-Plan 3.10%

Sectors weighting

Unlisted Equities 90.10%
Technology 71.00%
Services General 24.00%
Net Current Assets 9.90%
Healthcare 3.00%
General Industrials 2.00%

Regional weighting

Cash & Fixed Interest 47.00%
Europe Developed ex-UK 26.00%
UK 24.00%
North America Region 3.00%
  • Investment trust info:

  • Sector Private Equity
  • Launch Date 13 Dec 1989
  • Currency GBX
  • Domicile UK
  • Share Price 1755.00
  • Share Type Ordinary Share
  • ISIN GB0003921052
  • Shares Issued (M) 37
  • Market Capital (£M) 647.59
  • Gross Assets (£M) 674.00
  • Net Assets (£M) 674.00
  • TER (%) 1.66
  • Historic Dividend Yield (%) 2.65
  • Last AGM 10 May 2017
  • Next AGM 10 May 2018
  • Last Annual Report Date 08 Mar 2017
  • Next due Report Date 31 Dec 2017
  • Next due Report Type A/R
  • Objective:

    To provide shareholders with long-term capital appreciation in excess of the FTSE All-Share Index by investing in unquoted companies.

  • Management Group(s):

  • Hg Pooled Management Limited
  • HgCapital
  • Managed by:

  • Nic Humphries Start: 01 Jan 2001
  • Management Contract & Fees:

    The Company will pay no management fees to HgCapital in respect of its holdings of cash or liquid assets. The Company pays a fee of 1.5% p.a. on the current value of its existing private equity portfolio, excluding investments in other collective investment funds. The Company also pays charges in respect of its commitment to invest alongside HgCapital, HgCapital 6 and HgCapital Mercury funds. These charges are the same as those payable by all institutional investors in these Funds. Amounts of 1.75% and 2.00% per annum respectively are payable on the commitments during the investment period of these funds, which is expected to last for between four and five years. The charge will then reduce to 1.5% p.a. calculated on the basis of the original cost of the assets, less the original cost of any assets which have been realised or written off. The Manager is entitled to a carried interest, in which the executives of HgCapital participate. This arrangement allows for a carried interest of 20% of the excess annual growth in average NAV over an 8% preferred return, based on a three year rolling average NAV, calculated half-yearly and aggregated with any dividends declared by the Company in respect of that financial year. In respect of the Company's investment alongside HgCapital 6, this incentive scheme will be replaced by a carried interest arrangement identical to that which applies to all other investors in HgCapital 6. Under this arrangement, HgCapital will receive 20% of aggregate profits after the repayment to the Company of its invested capital and the payment of a preferred return thereon of 8% p.a. HgCapital has been appointed as Secretary and administrator of the Company for a fee equal to 0.1% of NAV.