JZ Capital Partners (ZDP 2016) JZCP

Split Capital Trust

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Estimated NAV


Share Price


Total Returns on £1000 over 

Fund / Benchmark Total returns(%)
JZ Capital Partners (ZDP 2016) Price 3.77%
JZ Capital Partners (ZDP 2016) NAV 7.16%
Total Returns on £1000

Discount / Premium Movement

Discount / Premium Movement


Share Type Yesterday's
Closing Price
Discount / Premium Diluted NAV Gearing Dividend
Est Last
ZDP 2016 371.0 -0.6% 373.00 0.00
100% n/a%
Ord Income 461.0 -35.9% 719.00 706.00
31 Mar
ZDP 2022 365.0 4.3% 350.00 350.00
02 Oct
100% n/a%
ZDP 2022 434.0 9.8% 395.00 0.00
100% n/a%

Discrete performance % over

Fund / BenchmarkJun '15
May '16
JZ Capital Partners (ZDP 2016) Price3.77
JZ Capital Partners (ZDP 2016) NAV7.16

Discrete performance over

Discrete Performance

Top 10 Holdings

Design District Assemblage 9.78%
Industrial Service Solutions 8.70%
Greenpoint 7.61%
Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Vert 7.61%
Williamsburg Retail 7.61%
Fulton Assemblage 6.52%
Tierpoint, LLC 5.43%
Redbridge Bedford 4.35%
Roebling Portfolio 3.26%
Jordan Health Products 3.26%

Sectors weighting

Unlisted Equities 49.00%
Real Estate 43.00%
Net Current Assets 8.00%

Regional weighting

North America Region 75.00%
Cash & Fixed Interest 25.00%
  • Investment trust info:

  • Sector Split Capital Trust
  • Launch Date 01 Jul 2008
  • Currency  
  • Domicile Guernsey
  • Share Price  
  • Share Type ZDP 2016
  • ISIN GG00B40D7X85
  • Shares Issued (M) 21
  • Market Capital (£M) 76.82
  • Gross Assets (£M) 696.97
  • Net Assets (£M) 611.05
  • TER (%) 2.92
  • TAV 373.50
  • GRY  
  • Hurdle S/P  
  • Hurdle W/O  
  • Wind-up date 22 Jun 2016
  • Last AGM 27 Jun 2017
  • Next AGM 27 Jun 2018
  • Last Annual Report Date 29 May 2017
  • Next due Report Date 28 Feb 2018
  • Next due Report Type A/R
  • Objective:

    To create a portfolio of investments that are based primarily in the United States and Europe providing a superior overall return comprised of a current yield and capital appreciation.

  • Management Group(s):

  • Jordan / Zalaznick Advisors Inc.
  • Managed by:

  • David W Zalaznick Start: 01 Jul 2008
  • Jay Jordan Start: 01 Jul 2008
  • Management Contract & Fees:

    Jordan Zalaznick Advisers Inc. (JZAI) acts as the investment adviser for a fee of 1.5% p.a. of the Company's Gross Assets, payable quarterly in arrears. An Income incentive fee and a Capital Gains incentive fee will also be payable. The Income incentive fee will be calculated based on the Company's net investment income (excluding income derived from the Europe Fund) for each quarter and shall be payable quarterly in arrears in an amount equal to up to 20% of the net investment income for the quarter provided that such income exceeds an amount equal to 2% of the average of the NAV of the Company as at the end of the quarter and as at the end of the preceding quarter. The income incentive fee will be adjusted at the end of each financial year to reflect an annual hurdle of 8% per annum. The fee is an amount equal to (a) 100% of that proportion of the net investment income for the quarter as exceeds the hurdle, up to an amount equal to 2.5% of the hurdle, and (b) 20% of the net investment income of the Company above a hurdle of 2.5% in any quarter. The Capital gains incentive fee will be payable for each financial year of the Company and will equal 20% of all realised capital gains of the Company (excluding gains made in the Europe Fund), if any, on a cumulative basis in respect of the period from the date on which the scheme becomes effective through to the end of the relative financial year, computed net of all realised capital losses of the Company, if any, on a cumulative basis in respect of the period from the date on which the scheme becomes effective throughout to the end of the relevant financial year, less the aggregate amount of all capital gains incentive fees previously paid by the Company to the Investment Advisor. Contract terminable on 30 months' notice. Incentive fees on Europe fund are derived solely on the Europe Funds assets and paid separately to the JZI management team.