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Citywire provides news, information and insight for professional advisers and investors around the world.

We publish our own news, analysis and unique fund manager performance information that helps professional investors such as financial advisers, wealth managers and fund selectors make the best decisions about where to place their clients’ money.

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For international fund selectors

Financial markets are more global than ever and fund selectors around the world are looking far and wide to get the best returns for investors. From Asian high yield to US absolute return, the Citywire Selector team has it covered.

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For funds investors

Whether you’re a funds fanatic or just someone trying to make sense of how to invest, Funds Insider is the place for you. We cut through the noise and focus on the information you really need for the day-to-day practicalities of investing.

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For investment trust investors

Investment trusts and investment companies have a long history of providing great returns to shareholders. Whether you are a professional or private investor we will give you the inside track on this unique funds sector.

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Citywire Italia

Citywire Italia serves one of Europe’s most competitive investment markets reaching out to financial advisers as well as private bankers with news and investment analysis, with active participation from readers on running their businesses.

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Citywire Deutschland

Citywire Deutschland focuses on servicing the wholesale investor community in Germany and Austria through its community-led website, including special coverage for the region’s private bankers.

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For Professional Buyers

Citywire USA launched in 2016 to serve the increasingly important Professional Buyer community who work in a $11 trillion market in institutions ranging from wirehouses to private banks and outsourced investment firms.

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For Asia Private Bankers

In the world’s fastest growing economic bloc, Citywire Asia helps private wealth professionals keep up to date with news and analysis about investment opportunities and changes within their industry.

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Latin America

Citywire Americas was the first official website designed to cater for the ever-shifting US Offshore and Latin American fund communities, delivering breaking news and community insight to key players across the region.

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For professional investors in other countries

Citywire has more than 40 websites around the world covering the news, analysis and fund manager performance information that professional investors in each country need.

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Citywire has been around since 1999. We now have more than 200 people with offices in London, New York, Munich, Milan and Singapore. We caught up with some of them on and off duty.

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